About Us

Fishkeepers Handbook is a well-trusted, highly informative fishkeeping and fish care website. 

Our experts help people to choose the right fish for them and care for their new pets in the most simple-to-understand way. If you’d like to get in touch, please send us an email or check out our socials.

What the Fishkeepers Handbook is about

Fishkeepers Handbook has been created by a selection of passionate, experienced fish hobbyists who wish to offer a wealth of information around proper fish husbandry and to curb misconceptions and misinformation around fishkeeping.

We aim to make learning about fishkeeping fun, simple and easy to understand. There is so much to learn and we want to be there to help people kickstart their hobbies in the easiest but safest way possible.

Why should you trust Fishkeepers Handbook?

We understand how important it is to offer only high-quality, well-researched and easy-to-follow information. This is why we only have knowledgeable and experienced fishkeepers writing for us. 

We’re also more than happy to take advice or recommendations from our readers, just get in touch with us!

Our Fishkeeping Writers

Lewis German – Writer for Fishkeepers Handbook

Lewis has been interested in animals since being a child and currently owns various tropical and coldwater fish, and countless other creatures.

He studied Level 3 Animal Care for two years and gained plenty of hands-on experience with a range of species.

He has also achieved a Higher National Certificate in Animal Science, completing a unit on aquatics and fish care.

Lewis keeps plenty of healthy, thriving planted aquariums and breeds a large range of tropical fish, snails, shrimps and frogs. He has previously worked in ethical aquatic stores and has experience with exotic species, fast becoming a specialist in fish, amphibians and invertebrates.

Lewis writes for the Fishkeepers Handbook website to offer his knowledge to those interested in keeping and caring for all types of fish. He aims to help people to understand how best to look after these wonderful creatures and allow them to thrive.

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