Planted Tanks

Getting into keeping live plants can be intimidating for newcomers – there seems to be a lot of extra things to consider and a lot more equipment involved.

However, keeping live plants in your aquarium is much easier than people think, especially if you follow the right advice and the right steps.

This series of guides will make planted tank keeping seem easy, as we will look at the ins and outs of what it takes to create a successful planted aquarium.

Types of aquarium plants

Which plants can you keep in your aquarium or paludarium, either fully submerged or out of the water? Learn which plants are best for beginners, which plants are ideal for specific setups and scenarios and how to care for them.

Care for aquarium plants

This set of guides will explain how to look after aquarium plants, and grow them successfully, water parameters for different plants and what types of tanks they are best suited for.

What signs to look out for in unhealthy plants and how to provide the best possible welfare for them.

Feeding aquarium plants

What do plants eat? Should you be providing supplements for your plants? Do my aquarium plants need to be fed?

Learn how to spot nutritional deficiencies in plants and what types of fertilisers are best suited for which types of plants.

Equipment for planted tanks

Find out what tools and equipment you really need for a planted tank, what substrate is best for plants to root in and which lights work best for growing plants under.

What certain pieces of planted tank equipment do we recommend, do you really need Co2 and what does each piece of equipment actually do?

Best fish for planted tanks

Which fish do best with live plants and why. Do fish eat live plants?

What are some of the best fish and invertebrates for maintaining planted tanks and preventing algae? Learn how plants benefit certain fish species in health and reproduction.

Pests and hitchhikers

This set of guides will include how to identify and react to some of the many unusual species that find their way into your planted tank uninvited.

Different species of snails, worms and other invertebrates that are brought in on plants, what they do and in what ways may they be beneficial.