Tropical Fish

Tropical freshwater fish are some of the most widely kept species all over the world - there are thousands of species of tropical fish, all with different care requirements and needs.

Before going out and acquiring fish for your tropical tank, there are a handful of things you need to know, from the basics of establishing a successful aquarium, down to specific species compatibility, fish behaviours, diet, lifestyle and welfare for the fish you choose to keep.

In our articles, we will explain all that goes into setting up and maintaining a successful tropical tank, and will discuss topics that aren't so commonly addressed amongst aquarists.

Tropical Fish

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Tropical Fish

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Tropical Fish

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Tropical Fish

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Tropical Fish

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Tropical Fish

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Tropical Fish

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Tropical Fish

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Tropical Fish

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Tropical Fish

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Tropical Fish

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Tropical Fish

Daisy Ricefish Care Guide: Tank, Feeding & Breeding

What are Daisy Ricefish? Daisy Ricefish (Oryzias woworae) are a small, egg [...]

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Types of tropical fish

We will go over the many different groupings of tropical fish, discussing their different care requirements, water parameters and temperament to help you decide what fish you want to keep in your tank and which fish is best for you.

Best tankmates for tropical fish

There are many different types of community tanks: peaceful, biotopes, naturalistic, specialist, aggressive and oddball. Learn about the behaviour and temperament of individual tropical fish.

Tropical fish tanks

Learn what types of aquariums are suitable for tropical setups, tanks we recommend and what you should be looking for when purchasing a new fish tank.

We’ll explain what makes a good aquarium setup and the equipment you will need in order to run a successful tropical tank.

Plants for tropical fish tanks

Which plants are best for your tropical tank, which species are better suited for beginners,  and how can plants be beneficial to an aquarium? Find out how to grow them and what sort of tank they are best adapted for; whether it be for a livebearer tank, discus tank or african cichlid tank.

How to care for tropical fish

In this care guide, we will go over all the basics of keeping tropical fish; all you need to know about regular maintenance of an aquarium, any specific needs for certain tropical fish species and good husbandry techniques.

What to feed tropical fish

It is important to know which fish eat what, as getting the right diet for your fish is imperative to their success and welfare.

You’ll need to learn about the different groupings of tropical fish: carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, what they should be eating and good food recommendations for certain tropical fish that can be tricky to feed.

Common health problems with tropical fish

Some of the most commonly seen health issues in tropical fish can sometimes be very difficult to cure, such as: parasites, disease, fungus, wounds and internal damage.

Learn how to accurately identify commonly encountered health problems in tropical fish, how to properly cure them and when it is necessary to use medication.

Science and biology of tropical fish

Understanding the fundamentals and science behind tropical fish, fish anatomy, how their bodies work, how they differ from us and in what ways they are similar, can be really useful.

Our aim is to educate on fish evolution, ancestry, classification, how to categorise fish and identify species much more easily.