Marine-Saltwater Fish

Marine fish can be a lot different from the other varieties of fish due to the fact they live in seawater.

There are a couple other factors that are important when keeping marine fish that you need to know about, but with the right steps and guidance, you will find that they aren’t any more difficult to keep at all.

Types of marine fish

The ocean is one of the most diverse places for animal life on the planet – there are countless numbers of species living there and some of these species make their way into the aquarium trade.

Learn about some of the most common marine animals that are kept in aquariums, how to properly care for them and whether or not they may be suitable for your tank.

Best tankmates for marine fish

Selecting the right fish for your marine aquarium is very important. As reef fish can be extremely competitive and aggressive, choosing the right fish for the right tank is very important.

Read about which fish are reef safe, which can live with invertebrates, which are ideal for communities and which are not, with care guides on each species we showcase.

Marine fish tanks

Selecting the right equipment and tank for a marine tank can be difficult sometimes. There are a lot of differing opinions out there on what you need, and it can be easy to get overcharged when you are a beginner.

There are some key pieces of equipment you will need for a marine tank, but are they always necessary, are there better alternatives and do you need such equipment?

Plants for marine fish tanks

Keeping plants in a marine tank can prove to be extremely beneficial, but they can be hard to get hold of sometimes, and they are completely different to freshwater plants.

Learn what they are, how you identify them and how you can grow them in your marine tank.

Corals for marine fish tanks

Corals are amazing creatures that can make a great addition to a marine reef tank, but which corals should you choose, which species are best for beginners to start with, and how do you care for them?

We aim to showcase some of the best corals for your reef tank for both beginners and experienced reefers to enjoy.

How to care for marine fish

Care and husbandry for marine creatures is much different to freshwater fish species – there are differing factors to consider, different maintenance techniques and care requirements.

The work that goes into running a marine tank doesn’t always cross over from freshwater. Understand the differences and provide excellent care for your marine fish.

What to feed marine fish

Marines can be very difficult to feed. As most of them are wild caught, they only take live foods, some only eat certain types of algae and others will only eat infusoria.

Finding what food works best is key to having success with your fish and will greatly reduce the stress involved in keeping these scarcely studied species alive.

Common health problems with marine fish

Luckily, marine fish are naturally resistant to common diseases we see in freshwater, because of the salt content in their marine habitat. They do however, fall victim to a much wider array of parasites.

Science and biology of marine fish

It can be interesting to learn the ins and outs of fish biology, anatomy, behaviour and how they work. Knowing their biology can help you better understand the fish on a deeper level, which can allow you to provide them with better care.