Fish Ponds

Our collection of guides aims to set out the full works of pond keeping, what goes into setting up and maintaining all different types of ponds. As well as great tips for beginners and experienced pond keepers.

How to setup a pond

Find out how to start building your pond, what materials you need to construct a successful pond and everything that goes into the construction.

What different types of ponds can you build,how do they fare against each other, how time consuming and expensive may each build be?

Types of pond fish

What fish can you keep in your outdoor pond all year, which fish are ideal for ponds in temperate climates and how do you care for each of them?

Learn which pond fish can live together in a community and what to do through spring, summer, autumn and winter for each species.

Types of pond designs

Ponds come in many shapes and sizes; some work better than others in specific scenarios and others can be better or worse for your specific scenario.

Learn what pond style best matches you in our guide on the different types of ponds.

Ponds in winter

What should you do with your pond over winter? Learn how to prepare and winterize your pond and its inhabitants. Find out how pond fish survive in winter and how to correctly set up their habitat and enable them to properly hibernate.

Moving and relocating pond fish

A set of guides all about the acclimation, movement and rehousing of pond fish – when can it be done safely? 

How to do it effectively and with minimal stress to the animals? When is it appropriate?

Equipment for a fish pond

All about what you need to initially build your pond and what to add to it in order to keep it running, filtration, UV sterilisers, pumps and pipework, water treatment, tools and so on.

Pond care

All you need to know about essential pond care – the maintenance and care techniques for keeping pond fish, how to identify and respond to problems and how to care for your pond year round.

Disease and health issues in pond fish

How to identify and treat disease and ailments that occur in pond fish, what medication is usable in a pond setting and what are some of the best alternative remedies for common health issues seen in ponds, like fungus and ulceration.

Feeding pond fish

What types of food work best for ponds? Learn about the different food types for different species of pond fish and the different dietary requirements each fish needs.

What foods to give throughout the seasons, what to do about feeding in autumn and winter and what is wheatgerm?

Wild ponds

A set of guides all about wild ponds, or ponds that invite wildlife such as frogs, birds and other semi aquatic creatures. 

Find out how to respond to certain pond visitors and residents, ways to invite wildlife to your pond, what are some predators of pond fish and how you can protect your fish from them.