Oddballs and Monster Fish

Oddball is a loose basket term for all the unusual fish species that don’t quite fit into the generic families and categories that are most commonly kept in the home aquarium.

They can also be called Monster Fish if they reach over a certain size. Fish like Electric Eels, Piranha, Arapaima and Pufferfish are all considered oddballs. Learn what goes into keeping these unusual fish in our series of guides on Oddballs and Monster Fish.

Types of Oddballs

What types of fish are considered oddballs? Familiarise yourself with descriptions and care guides for each species, where they are found and if they make ideal pets in the home aquarium.

Find out how to group oddballs correctly and house them properly, as well as what types of tanks they are best suited for. 

Best tankmates for Oddballs

What fish are suitable to live with oddballs; are there any? Which types of oddballs can live with each other without any issues?

Find out which oddballs are safe to keep in a community tank, how to prevent aggression and create a relatively mellow monster fish tank.

Oddball fish tanks

Learn about tank sizes for different oddball and monster fish, what types of filtration are needed for large fish and are there any additional pieces of equipment you can use to make keeping monster fish easier.

What types of setups can you house monster fish within, community, biotope, breeding setups?

Plants for Oddball fish tanks

Not all plants are safe with oddballs since some of them can be very destructive in nature; other oddball fish need a heavily planted tank in order to do well.

In this set of guides, we will recommend and give care guides on some tough, hardy plants that still do well even with the most obscure and destructive oddball fish

How to care for Oddballs

Exercising correct husbandry and care techniques for oddball or monster fish is very important. Many of them have very specialised care that isn’t the same as your standard aquarium community fish.

What to feed Oddballs

Oddballs can be very difficult to feed, since many are wild caught and have highly specialist diets.

In our feeding guides, we will discuss some of the different dietary categories certain oddball fish fit into and what types of foods can be used to keep them healthy and thriving in captivity.

Common health problems with Oddballs

What are some of the common health problems we see in oddballs, how do you correctly identify them and how do you go about curing them?

Learn what remedies you can use for oddballs, and how to use treatments and medicines for fish that are sensitive to chemicals.

Science and biology of Oddballs

The science and biology behind the world’s most obscure fish is fascinating. What are some amazing adaptations that these aberrant fish species have evolved and how do they work?