Coldwater Fish

Coldwater and temperate fish are some of the most misunderstood animals in the aquarium trade – there can be lots of misinformation surrounding them which can lead to improper care and poor health.

In our guides, we will go over all you need to know about caring for and understanding coldwater and temperate fish species, not just in an aquarium, but also in ponds and lakes.

Types of coldwater fish

There are an array of coldwater fish species, each with varying care requirements, water parameters and temperaments.

Discover what types of fish can live outside in ponds and what types of environments these fish are naturally adapted for.

Best tankmates for coldwater fish

Coldwater community tanks can be difficult. As you are limited in choice, coldwater fish often get very large and can be aggressive.

It is important that you learn about the types of coldwater communities you can have and why they are suitable for some tanks, but not others.

Coldwater fish tanks

Which tanks are best for coldwater setups and why, which tanks do we recommend for coldwater fish, why is oxygenation so important for coldwater fish and what equipment will you need to run a successful coldwater aquarium?

It is important to know what you need and why before you acquire your fish and place them into a tank which is not adequate for their survival.

Plants for coldwater fish tanks

Not all aquarium plants can survive in cooler temperatures, so it is important you know which plants can live and grow without a heater and which plants can survive with coldwater fish without being eaten or destroyed.

How to care for coldwater fish

Learn the correct husbandry techniques for coldwater fish species, regular maintenance, tank setup, feeding and welfare, and all the things you need to know to provide a good home and promote top quality health for your coldwater fish.

What to feed coldwater fish

Coldwater fish can have tricky diets, since they undergo temperature fluctuations, digestion works differently in coldwater fish.

It is important to know what to feed coldwater fish at what times, how much to feed them and what their natural diet is composed of.

Common health problems with coldwater fish

Coldwater fish can fall subject to many health problems of varying severity.

Learn more about the most common parasites, diseases, injuries and ailments coldwater fish are victim to.

Science and biology of coldwater fish

There is a lot of science behind how coldwater fish work, their anatomy and behaviour, the complex life cycles of many coldwater fish and how they work to survive.

The evolution, ancestry and scientific categorising of coldwater fish can help you better understand where they come from, and how they are all related.