Hygger 500W titanium heater review

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The Hygger titanium aquarium heater is a smart, easy to use, effective heater for those larger aquariums, one that we really like due to its clever design and superb safety features.

It has some key characteristics about it that make this heater excellent to work with, and make it stand out as a great choice for keeping your large aquarium or sump tank at the right temperature.


The Heater has a nice, sleek look to it, encased in a smooth black finish. 

Its sturdy design keeps it safe, making it easy to transport, and its clever dry detection pours keep it from overheating when on land. 

The Heater has a built in thermostat, and is connected to a regulator with a digital Heads Up Display (HUD) that is clear and easy to read.

The HUD signals what is happening, showing when the heater is in use, the current tank temperature, the set target temperature, and if the heater is exposed to air, with a very appealing and clear interface.

A strong, yet easy to manipulate set of clips also come with the heater, that slide on the back, connecting 4 high quality suction cups, so that you may stick the heater to the side of the glass, or stand it on the floor of the tank.

These suction cups are top quality, holding the heater in place firmly, but still being easy enough to remove if the heater ever needs relocating.

Ease of use and maintenance

Due to the built in thermostat, the Hygger Titanium heater is an all in one package, and saves you the extra trouble of having to rig up a separate probe at one end of the tank to set the temperature.

The Hygger heater is very easy to set up, simply submerge it fully in the tank or sump, plug it in, and toggle the button on the thermostat controller to set the temperature.

When the heater is powered, it will state that it is “working” and will light up, showing the current tank temperature, and will automatically go into standby mode once the temperature is reached, saving electricity, requiring very little maintenance once it has been installed.

As far as handleability, the heater is much easier to move around than most due to its armoured casing making it easy to pick up and transport, but we still don’t recommend touching it while it’s powered, as it gets very hot.

Contact with the Heater itself is minimal due to the thermostat controller being positioned outside of the tank, further down the cable.

This lets you control the heater without getting your hands wet, or having to duck your head under the tank to reach the sump, giving you more freedom and allowing you to control / monitor the heater, outside of the tank.

Heating capabilities and functionality

The Hygger 500W titanium heater is a very powerful unit and will heat up your tank quickly, bringing it to the desired temperature in a short amount of time.

Because of its high output and wattage, and is best used in tanks with a capacity over 225L or those tanks which possess a sump filter and have high amounts of water movement. 

The Thermostat is accurate to the temperature of the tank, but be sure to place the heater near the pump, or in a location with high water movement to get the best readings and highest effectivity.

Proper placement, coupled with its smart sensory readings, and strong heat output will keep your tank’s temperature maintained perfectly well.

The temperature will appear clearly on the HUD of the thermostat and will flash to the selected set temperature.

A feature we really like about this heater is its dry detection pours, which will deactivate the heater if it becomes exposed to air, preventing it from burning out, something that can save you if your sump tank evaporates a few inches or if you are performing a water change and forget to unplug the unit.

Additionally, the thermostat controller will make a consistent loud beeping sound, to alert the user, and will notify that the heater is “out of water”, showing a flashing HUD icon in addition.

This safety measure is invaluable when it comes to providing heating for your aquarium, and is a feature we highly commend, for keeping our fish safe from being cooked, and stopping the equipment from burning out.

We really like the Hygger titanium heater, for its neat design and clever features, it is one we would highly recommend to anyone with a large tropical tank.

Take a look at the range from Hygger on their homepage today. https://www.hygger-online.com/